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From amateur productions to professional outdoor events we have equipment available to meet your needs from mirror balls to high power PA systems one call to our hire department will get you the equipment needed to make your event a technical success.

If you are not sure what you require to achieve that special effect or how much equipment you will need to fill the venue then speak to one of our technical advisers who will be able to help you choose the correct equipment for your needs.

We supply all the leading makes of sound and Stage, Disco, Band, Venue, Marquee & Theatrical Lighting equipment, consumables, filters, lamps, pyrotechnics, fuses, leads, plugs and sockets.

If you need help with installation we can provide operators to set-up the equipment fit drapes, curtains and scenery fittings.


  Hire price list

The link on the left of this text will take you to our Hire Catalogue you can download and print this or give us a call and we can send you a printed or CD copy




Our range of sound equipment can cover a large number of uses and includes some of the best known makes in the industry such as Bose and dB, this not only gives our clients the reliability they need to ensure that their events go without incident but will also ensure the best sound quality.
We have an extensive range of effects processors including reverb, gates, graphics and compressors and our special effects CD's can also be used to create a unique atmosphere needed during special events and productions.
With a wide selection of speakers, mixers and amplifiers you are able to hire the correct equipment for your purpose, including basic PA systems, active PA speakers, or full band PA rigs.
We can also supply various microphones suitable for live music, vocal and instrumental, and have a selection of radio and wired mics for numerous uses. Rifle and boundary mics are also available if you have a larger area to pick up from.
Other sound equipment available includes systems for live bands or entertainers. If you feel uneasy operating the equipment during your event or find it difficult to operate whilst performing, why not ask for an engineer quotation and let us help achieve a high quality result.






From subtle lighting schemes that create sophisticated surroundings, to dazzling light shows that will make the evening something to remember, we can offer it all.
Lighting comes in all shapes and sizes at EES Showhire, we can offer advise on the correct type of lighting to create the stunning effect you are looking for.
Profile lanterns, fresnells, parcans and floods are the most commonly known lighting types but some of these are now also available as LED Lighting.
Whatever type of stage or flood light you choose to use they will also require some form of control and we can help you decide on the best way to achieve this with our range of desks.
For that added effect at your function or venue we have a variety of disco lighting, lasers and effects projection.





Special Effects

Special Effects come in a variaty of shapes and sizes and include Smoke Machine, Snow Machine, Bubble machines, Pyrotechnics and Animation Discs to name a few
The use of these types of effects can make a huge difference to the dramatic look of any event.
By chatting to us, we can offer you advise on the use of these devices, including any health and safety implications you will need to be aware of.



for more information on any of the items above feel free to contact one of our staff.